Route Survey Services: Plot the Course with Acklam

At Acklam, quality and accuracy are top priorities during route surveying projects.  Our team is skilled in the collection of all pipeline and electric transmission related installations, and or drawings documenting these.

The Acklam team performs the staking  your construction contractor needs to prepare the right-of-way for the installation of a single or multiple line(s).  Our data collection of the installed infrastructure is an important part of the client’s pipeline database which can be delivered in a format to best meet your project needs to support the following:

  • Preliminary Route Surveys
  • Record location of the installed infrastructure
  • Unite tracking for pay items to the contractor
  • Operations and maintenance records
  • Integrity management
  • Progress monitoring utilizing sUAS

We understand the importance of accuracy of all record information and perform regular office and field checks, which are incorporated for additional quality control during construction and record survey processes.



Route Survey Services

Route Survey ServicesRoute Survey Services Route Survey Services