Construction Layout

Construction Staking and As-Built Surveys: Acklam personnel perform the construction staking as needed for a client’s construction contractor to prepare the pipeline right of way for the installation of single or multiple pipelines. Acklam will also support the project by reacting to unforeseen needs and or re-staking the pipeline centerline(s) as necessary to prevent problems or down-time. Acklam is also skilled in the collection of all pipeline related installations and or fixtures constructed during this phase of the project. Acklam’s collection of the as-built data is an important part of the client’s own pipeline database which can be delivered in a variety of formats as needed to support the record location of the pipeline, unit tracking for pay items to the contractor, operations and maintenance records, anomaly locations and integrity management. Acklam understands the importance of the accuracy of all record information and performs regular office and field checks which are incorporated for additional quality control during construction and record survey process.

Tunnel Monitoring Services: Linear Guidance with Acklam

     Tunnel survey     Tunnel survey        Tunnel survey

Tunnel construction projects involve many dangers and require planning and safety precautions.  Utilizing comprehensive surveying data helps to identify and mitigate potential risks, keeping team members safe.  As featured in November 2016 issue of The American Surveyor, our team provides surveying services and documentation that allow for proper tunnel alignment and infrastructure reinforcement using tunnel boring machines, roll, pitch and stationing measurements, as well as 3D Laser scanning (3DLS).

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LAUNCH! of the TBM at Cameron Pass
Tunnel Business Magazine, December 2016 issue “Tunneling at Altitude”