3D Laser Scanning

Acklam, Inc. provides 3D Laser Scanning solutions for all types of projects using 3DLS technology to capture rich datasets in a fraction of the time of traditional survey methods.   With 3DLS, time/efficiency/safety are three main areas in which this technology can save the client on projects of all different sizes. 3DLS can be applied to multiple different market sectors and be used seamlessly across various different software platforms. Whether your project calls for civil/piping/mechanical/structural design, reverse engineering, 3D documentation on a historical site, or forensic crime scene evaluation, Acklam can provide a solution tailored to the your needs.

3D laser scanning
3D Laser Scanning setup

3DLS Laser Scanning Project

Details: Acklam, Inc. Land Surveying and Mapping, led by Lawrence Sinco and Scott Williams, verified onsite control and set additional points for the Leica P40 Laser Scanner to locate during its six setups for the 250-foot-long siphon. The purpose of the scan was to check for any possible deformations throughout the existing concrete siphon that might cause conflict with a smaller diameter pipe that is to be slip lined through the siphon. Scott was able to tie the new scan to a laser scan that had been performed 4 years ago using existing site control.
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