Mr. Collier has more than 10 years of experience in land surveying. His areas of experience includes commercial/residential development, boundary surveying, laser scanning as well as construction staking, unmanned aerial systems, and data processing.


Suncor Pipeline – Weld County, CO
Plan UAS flight and control network. Work with field crews to establish control network. Execute and manage UAS mission of an estimated 10-mile corridor. Process
imagery using photogrammetry software. Classify and decimate point cloud to be of usable size and content. Create break lines based off of working point cloud and
deliver surface model based on said process. Cut orthorectified imagery and deliver.

United Power Inc- Weld and Adams Counties, CO
Project manager in setting UP projects. To include, pulling recorded documents and controlling monuments. Process data from field crews. Verify evidence for found
monuments versus record. Place properties and easements in CAD according to evidence. Route easements per client design. Assist in creating exhibits
and legal descriptions for said easements.

Suncor Facility LiDAR Scan – Weld County, CO
Assist is preparation of proposal and estimate for a portion of active Suncor facility. Establish dense control network integrating previous control generations. Scan
scoped work to include valves, fittings, and welds. Extract coordinates from LiDAR point cloud. Impose coordinates on 3D weld maps given by client.

Discovery DJ Services-Weld and Adams Counties, CO
Processed field crew data on a daily basis. Verified constructed pipeline is within dedicated easement and depth of cover is met. Address issues as needed with
crews and project managers. Cleanse and submit data to client. Drafted as-built sheets to include such information as property owner, materials list, and construction details. Assisted in building data model translators to best fit geodatabases given by clients. Addressed GIS questions as needed. Interpreted bore logs and draft 3D poly lines
depicting as-built pipeline.

Pony Express Pipeline, Tallgrass Energy-Nebraska
Performed as-built and ground elevation surveys as needed. Traveled to construction sites throughout Nebraska to assist construction and surveying activities.
Verified ground elevations per surface models and acquired as-built pipeline information. Interacted with inspectors and the client on a daily basis to ensure
project sites were completed correctly.

Chocolate Bayou Pipeline- Alvin, TX
Responsible charge of three survey crews. Established and processed control network using OPUS solutions. Verified field surveying procedures were up to standards. Discussed types of GPS and conventional surveying errors with clients. Verified locations and sign permits for excavation. Delegate tasks to supervised survey crews. Set vertical benchmarks for the construction of valve sites and pads. Responsible charge for recording of all pipeline information and daily surveying tasks of field crews. Sent
active billing reports and data files for client review.

Design Topo for Gas and Oil Pads – Carlsbad, NM
Traveled to proposed construction areas. Took measurements in 50-foot grid intervals. Routed pipelines from one proposed site to another per given information.
Submitted data and field notes on a daily basis. Checked with project management to verify any abnormalities.

El Paso Sasabe Pipeline – Tucson, AZ
Established static control network. Took measurements with GPS and total station. Staked preliminary design plan and adjust in field to account for new construction.
Searched for property and section corners as needed. Checked with project management to verify any abnormalities.

Greencor Pipeline – Wyoming
Staked construction ROW and work spaces from given design blueprints and data. Worked with inspectors and contractors to acquire needed pipeline as-built
information. Tracked pipe information and location. Responsible charge for all mainline information while assigned to project.

Parkway Pipeline – LA and MS
Staked center line of ROW using conventional land surveying methods. Adjusted plans for new build construction or environmental areas. Cut vegetation and
foliage for line-of-sight readings.

Professional Certifications
Colorado Land Surveyor, #38780
Part 107 Drone Certificate

B.S., Surveying Engineering- University of Maine
A.S., Land Surveying- Vincennes University